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 If you take a look at sporting history, what you will find is that humans have been running faster, jumping higher and throwing further today than we used to in the past. There was always a barrier that scientists said would be impossible to reach and that we generally accepted, but there was always one person to go against the beliefs of the public.

The 10-second barrier in the 100m was seen as something nobody could break. People had been trying to run faster over the years, but no one could break 10 seconds. Until Jim Hines came and ran 9.95 seconds in 1968. He 'broke' science and broke the barriers. Today, there are more than 120 sprinters that have broken the 10 second barrier, which just goes to show that it was a mental barrier, more so than a physical limitation. It took one man to lead the way for the next 120+ to do the 'impossible'.

Jim Hines World Record

Running 1 mile in 4 minutes was literally impossible. So many athletes over the years had tried and had come close to doing it, but it was never achieved. Then, one day, Roger Bannister came along and broke this barrier in 1954. Since then, the world record has decreased 18 times and running a sub 4-minute mile is seen as normal.

It took one man to prove the impossible wrong.

Roger Bannister 4-minute mile

At Ardent, we delight in seeing athletes of all ages in all sports break records and prove the impossible wrong. Whether the impossible is their own personal best or it's a global record that has been standing for years, we want to see you do the impossible and break down all the barriers in your way of greatness. We want you to go to the next level and to grow in confidence in your abilities as you defy limitations. We want to see you do the impossible.

We do this by promising to create the best sports gear in every aspect. Design, comfort, durability, fit, function - you name it. We are on the road to making the best gear and we won't stop.

We started Ardent because I, (Tomi) - a co-founder of Ardent - was inspired to run by the Jamaican Sprinter and former 100m world record holder, Asafa Powell in 2006 when he broke the world record and ran 9.77 seconds. He did the impossible and that inspired me to pursue sports.

Asafa Powell 9.77 World Record Gateshead

It's a mindset thing. Once you believe - in fact - once you know that everything is possible, then you can break records.

Limits are suggestions, that we at Ardent do not take, so with everything that we do, with every design we make and with every shoe we release, we aspire to spread this message. We want everyone to know that anything is possible.

So when you put on Ardent trainers or any future Ardent apparel, you are making a choice to adopt this mindset and do what it takes to reach those goals that you set.

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