Chase Your Dreams

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Chase your Dreams

This has been on my mind recently.

When we are young, we are always told that we can do whatever we want when we grow up, but as time goes by, we are supposed to be more 'realistic' and more 'reasonable' and I don't know about you but this annoys me to the fullest.

The sad thing is that most people accept this as a reality and settle for the job or degree that society, or our friends or our parents or career advisors have told us to do, neglecting all of the dreams we had as a youth or teen.

People will tell you that taking that job or studying that degree is for your own good and it will make you safe and you'll have no risk when you do it. But, if you go down this path, you will not be fulfilled. You will not enjoy what you do, and you are likely to end up resenting whoever you blame for 'making' you take that course or that job.

And is that all really worth it, when there's an alternative?

Do what you love.

Do what you love love what you do

Forget what everyone else says about it not being achievable or realistic. Forget all of the judgements that people will make as you are going through the long process. Focus on that place you want to be, that job you want to take, that business you want to start, that sport or instrument that will fulfil you, because when you do what you want to do, you have got no reason to not enjoy what you do. You have no reason to resent anyone, because you made the decision.

If you can understand the importance of doing what you want to do instead of what people are telling you to do (usually because they wish they did it) then happiness can be found. Happiness and excitement go hand in hand so how can you not be happy doing what you love?

Eliminate negativity

Eliminate the distractions. Eliminate the negativity. Eliminate the insecurity and go all out for what you want to do.

Eliminate Distractions

There is beauty in finding out if you have what it takes to be successful on your own terms, so quit following the rules and the status quo and break down every single barrier that is holding you back.

Because you can do it.

Find Your Fire.



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