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Do Something

Last week I was in Newcastle for exams. After those exams had finished I went to Start Fitness - the best running store in the country - to just go and chat to the guys there. I know them they know me, we all connected last year and started to form a good relationship. I speak to the owner, Tony every week, and he gives me advice and suggestions to do with the running shoe world on a regular basis.

Start Fitness

So this time, I went in briefly (after listening to Eminem's new album, Kamikaze - priorities... - to ask some questions about the outsole of running shoes, because I had been presented with a challenge on making it more durable and more resistant to wear.

When I got in there, everyone was very busy and Tony wasn't there, so I waited for a few minutes. As these minutes passed I figured, 'well I gotta get back to my room so I can pack to get back home this afternoon' (home being in Surrey). As I was leaving the shop, Ian (a member of the Start Fitness team) saw me and I quickly grabbed him before he was busy again. I asked him to tell me about the outsoles in the shop and the shoes with the best selling outsole. He then directed me to a gentleman who I had never seen before in the store.

I ended up speaking to a brand rep of a huge running company and he essentially told me loads about each shoe and each outsole and midsole system that his company had been using. I listened attentively and politely asked questions trying to absorb as much information from this genius who had been placed in front of me at the right time.

Who knows, if I hadn't listened to Eminem's album, I might have missed him and therefore, this opportunity.

He then gave me his card with his details and I've been able to text him to ask more things about his company and their running shoes.

Now that I know all that he told me, I am able to go back to the drawing board to improve the standards of any Ardent shoe to make them better for you guys. However, I would not have known all of what I do now if I hadn't gone out of my cosy and warm room up in Newcastle to go to Start Fitness. 

What I'm trying to tell you is that opportunities come in various shapes and sizes. They come in many different forms, but if you are too lazy to get out and do something very simple and look for these opportunities you'll miss them and make no progress.


I'm sure that Netflix special can wait, I'm sure that video gam can wait, but the opportunity won't. You gotta get up and get at every opportunity that you've been blessed with otherwise, one day you'll be sitting around thinking you had everything you needed to make it work, and you'll be wondering what happened.

So please, I implore you to get out of your comfort zone and go after that opportunity. It won't wait for you


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