Loughborough Inter-County Cross Country Champs

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A couple of weeks ago, I, Tomi, got up at 03:30 to travel down to Loughborough with Start Fitness and More Mile.

Such a blessing to be able to travel with such a major brand. It was a cold day, but I had goals in mind - sell, learn, enjoy it. And I achieved all 3 goals.

This connection I have with Start Fitness and More Mile is so special and therefore is my favourite or second favourite (depending on how I'm feeling) reason that I'm in Newcastle. The fact that I've been blessed with a business/mentorship relationship with the owner is so cool and I'm so thankful to God that I'm here.

I could go to events by myself and figure things out, but they wouldn't be as fun or as productive as they are when I'm with nationally known brands - Start Fitness and More Mile.

Nike started off by going to similar events, and now look at what they've built. Same with Inov-8 (probably the most common shoe I saw today at the XC Championship). But the difference was that they didn't have affiliation with major brands, as I do.

So I have no excuse. Just wait and see what we do with Ardent, over the years to come and see our resilience pay off.
Man, I'm happy. Thank you Jesus.


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