Opportunities Are Abundant

Tomi Adedeji


It may not seem like it, when you're in the thick of it, but opportunities are abundant. You should aim to take advantage of all of them, but if you miss one here and there, don't dwell, because there will be more coming.

This doesn't mean you should just wait around for the 'right time' or wait for everything to 'align'. Instead, you should go after the opportunity even if you're not ready and figure it out on the way. This is especially true if you're an entrepreneur. Reid Hoffman said that, "An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." You may not see how you'll be be able to make this opportunity work for you, but if you take a leap, you'll be able to figure it out.

Opportunity and Risk

We had the opportunity to make a product for a specific event, but the deal didn't work out; however, through this process, plenty more opportunities have come through for us and we're looking to take advantage of them.

Don't shy away from opportunities, but if you miss one, don't worry because there will be others.


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