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Opportunities are abundant, and you need to make sure you seize them if they can get you to your goals.

This seems self-explanatory but in actual fact, the truth of the matter is that usually we either think there aren't many opportunities and the people that 'find' the opportunities are 'lucky' or we simply just don't take advantage of them.

We like to believe that the opportunity is only an opportunity if it comes to us and we don't have to do much. We wake up and then the prime minister or best footballer just happens to be in our town, just down the road, but usually the opportunity is there, but we need to get out of our comfort zone. We need to put down the PS4 controller and go into London to attend the public speaking event. We need to go to the music convention or the film school gathering. The problem is, we think that we don't need to (we actually don't want to because that requires getting out of the comfort zone) so we justify it with some rubbish excuse like 'it'll cost money to get the train there' or 'it's not the right vibe'.

Opportunity does not come gift wrapped you must take risks

You never know who you could meet at these events and what you could learn. So stop letting these opportunities go by, because before you know it, you'll be thinking that you could have met that guy that was gonna help you go to the next level.

Opportunities are abundant but that doesn't mean they're of the same magnitude, so make the most of them as they come. Think about what you want in the long-term and recognise whether or not the opportunity that presents itself is going to help you get there. If not, by all means do whatever you want to do, work on being prepared for the opportunity, but if it will get you to go forwards, to reach for your dreams, then there should be no debate.

Seize Every Opportunity

Give yourself a zero options mentality, (where there is no other option except to do what you know you have to do) because that's the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people - define success however you want - successful people do what they know they have to do even if they don't want to.

Opportunities come and go, but to win in the long-term, you've got to take them as they come.


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