Your Struggle is your privilege

Tomi Adedeji


If you're working hard and it seems like everything is going against you , you're really trying hard, everyday but you feel like nothing is coming from it, let me remind you that your struggle is a privilege.


Because you have that to take pride in.

When others are giving up (because everyone - not just you - has hard times) you are still going. Still trying. Still pushing. While others are quitting you are still moving. When others have had enough, and you keep going, you can know that there is less competition.


Knowing that when you're still going that others are giving up is a major mental boost. It tells you that you are capable of what others aren't (because you are) and in reality, you have less competition.

Think of it like a pyramid. At the bottom, (year 1) there are lots of people who have been 'inspired' and they are all doing the same thing, but by year 2 lots of them have quit and fallen off because either 'they changed their mind' or they quit. So now you have less competition. As you climb up the pyramid, the pyramid gets slimmer. Similarly, as you progress through the years, the competition gets slimmer. The competition will be harder, but through the years of experience, you'll be able to handle the competition because you'll be better.

The Struggle is the way

So through your struggle, don't quit. Don't give up. Don't stop, because others are making it easier for you by quitting themselves.


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