Meet The Team

Tomi Adedeji, CEO 
Tomi is our co-founder and CEO. Having spent time as a performance athlete, Tomi wanted to invest his passion and energy for sport into something more impactful; he created Ardent. As our leader, he provides drive and inspiration for the team whilst ensuring that only the best products make it into our product portfolio. Whether a professional athlete or an everyday individual looking for premium sportswear, Tomi insists Ardent will provide you with the tools you need to find your inner fire.
Musa Choudhry, Head Designer                                                   
Musa is our co-founder and head designer. Sharing Tomi’s enthusiasm for sport, he continues to find Ardent an exciting collaborative venture. Musa takes a customer-centric approach to design and takes pride in the way his designs reflect and develop customer preferences. He provides a clear vision for our brand and uses his innovative designs to communicate this to consumers. Musa’s engagement with our brand fuels his desire to become a person of influence within the sporting goods arena.
Max Haining, Business Development Manager    
Max explores and implements business development opportunities at Ardent. Over the past three years, he has dedicated a large proportion of his time to energising start-ups. Combining his love for athletics with Ardent’s growing team of dynamic individuals, he continues to be impressed by the way Ardent empowers people to break boundaries.