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Are Running Shoes Good For Walking?

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Hey guys,

Last time we spoke about whether running shoes are necessary. Whether you need them for sports or training and exercise, and in short, the conclusion we came to was, yes - running shoes are important.

But what about for walking? It makes sense to use running shoes when running, but do you need them for when you are walking?

Well, in short, you don't need them, but they are better than most other types of shoes for walking.

Running shoes provide the most cushioning and usually have a great fit so they are so comfortable to wear whilst walking but also protect your ankles and knees and joints so that you feel good when you are walking.

In some running shoes, the cushioning system gets more responsive and harder when you put more weight on it (when you are running) but remains comfortable and soft when you are walking - they adapt to however you want to use them.

While they do this, they also help you with the way that you're supposed to walk. They will help guide your foot in the right motion in the activity that you set out to do, be it jogging or walking.

Tomi Adedeji Running In Ardent 1's

Another thing is that running shoes are more versatile than any other shoe. You can wear them for running, you can wear them for walking, you can wear them in the gym, nowadays, with sneakers like the Ardent 1's, you can wear them for fashion reasons too.

So overall, it's not that you need running trainers for walking, it's more that you should get running shoes for walking. They are definitely recommended, and there are no negatives to wearing trainers when you are walking, but as we have discussed, there are a world of positives.

So go for it and buy running shoes!

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