About Us

Who are we?

Ardent provides next generation sportswear.

Our mission is to be the bridge between customers and their sporting aspirations. Encouraging people to break personal boundaries from a place of passion; Ardent’s innovative sportswear is part of a much larger campaign for positive, proactive thinking.

Our History

Founded by sporting enthusiast Musa Choudhry and ex performance athlete Tomi Adedeji, Ardent began in 2017. Initially an outlet for Musa and Tomi’s passion for sport, the embers of Ardent soon sparked a desire to create game-changing performance clothing and a global sports brand.

Today we supply athletes of all shapes, sizes and aspirations. Our message is what makes us unique – to break boundaries through diligent training and innovative thinking. Ardent believes that thought drives passion, and passion drives success.


Building Something Extraordinary

We live and breathe sport. With years of running experience and a font of sporting knowledge amongst our team, Ardent is well equipped for what we do – creating the extraordinary. We combine industry-leading technology with innovative designs. Our customer-centric approach to business means research remains an ongoing necessity.

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