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Are Running Shoes Important?


Did you know, the first running shoe termed as a sneaker was made in 1917 by the manufacturer, Goodyear, and the reason they're called sneakers is because the rubber sole makes it easy for you to 'sneak' around quietly? I find that cool, but believe it or not, that's not the main function of a running shoe..

I'd just like to discuss briefly whether running shoes are actually important or not.

In short, yes - you should buy running shoes. They are important.

To an everyday sportsperson, be it a runner, a footballer or someone looking to get healthy, running is an essential part of the training process. It increases your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, it makes you lose weight and it tests your mindset and motivation. But with running comes the constant pounding of your ankles and knee joints and just...pain, so in order to be safe and keep your knees intact you need to get your running shoes.



The majority of the cushioning will come from the midsole (the white part), and this particular shoe - Ardent 1's - has a midsole made of phylon or MD. What this material does is absorb any impact to keep you safe when you are running. It also is very light so if you want to run fast, it keeps you safe and lets you. 

For running shoes, the midsole cushioning defines the sneaker. It provides stability, cushioning and rebound to let you train optimally, so you can move quickly and safely. Many trainers have different midsole technologies, but they all make compromises and from what I've seen in my years of running, an MD midsole is the best out there right now and it's not too expensive!



But to conclude, running shoes are vital. The keep you safe in the short and long-term when exercising or doing any physical activity. Without them, we would get injured all to often, so if you haven't got any, buy trainers today!


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