Why You Need Running Socks

As you rack up the miles, you start feeling good about yourself. You start feeling fitter, healthier and more athletic, which is amazing! But without the right cushioning, you're feet won't appreciate the same elation that your body feels.

A well cushioned midsole is nice, but trust me when I say that's not enough. Why would you spend so much money on the latest shoe technology if you're just gonna wrap your feet up in flimsy cotton?

High Quality running socks bring many benefits and we're going to explore a few of them now.


Good running socks are generally well cushioned - whether that's along the whole bottom of your foot, or just the heel and the toe. This extra cushioning may not sound like a lot, especially if you have a soft midsole or insole, but apart from making your foot feel mega comfort, this extra plush feeling is worth it as the miles increase. Your feet, legs, ankles and knee joints will thank you in the long run (no pun intended).

Joint Support

Speaking of joints, running socks generally provide some joint support. Cushioning can replace uncomfortable bandages around your ankles and Achilles so you won't be hindered in any stride.

Movement Reduction

When your foot is wrapped in a couple layers of strong fabric, it moves and flexes as one, unlike in your basic white socks that are weak and easily rip. There's also more grip in your socks so you won't be slipping and sliding around your shoes, which is very important when it comes to avoiding blisters.


On the subject of blisters, running socks lower the chance of getting them. Blisters come from friction and moisture. As we know, when running, jogging or sprinting, we sweat. The good thing about running socks is that they use moisture-wicking materials like polyamide and Lycra® Elastane which move sweat away from your skin to keep them dry. Now, that coupled with the reduction in movement on the interior of the shoe will mean that a good running sock will minimise any potential for blisters.


Have you ever run in basic flimsy socks, thinking they're cool because they're small and go up to your ankle and they look athletic, but then they start sliding down in the middle of the run? Well that's because either you picked the wrong size, or there is barely any ribbing. Ribbing is the section where the socks are knitted tighter. This is usually found around the middle of the foot of the sock. This just helps keep the sock gripping to your feet to keep the everything in place throughout the run so there is no movement and no discomfort.


Personally, this has made a huge difference. Having made the transition myself from a white 'sports sock' to properly engineered running socks, I can seriously vouch for the fact that running socks are a necessity. If you're a runner, you must own at least 3 pairs of running socks so you can always have a clean and dry pair handy (or should I say...footy..no? ok)

Running socks come in specific sizes and specific orientations (Right and Left), so you can find the perfect running sock for yourself. Check out Ardent Swift Running Socks if you're looking for a pair of socks that does all of the above.

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